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This was the Pool Billiard News​ website for a number of years. The content below is from the site's 2007 archived content.

Selected 2007 Featured Pool and Billiard Articles

Deuel Undefeated in Seminole Florida Pro Tour Opener

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Added: Mon, 12 Mar 2007
Seminole Florida Pro Tour / Melbourne, FL
by Rick Davis

The 2007 season of the Seminole Florida Pro Tour got off to a rolling start over the April 14-15 weekend when Corey “The Prince of Pool” Deuel went undefeated to claim the title amidst a very interesting event. Held at Players Billiards in Melbourne, FL, the schedule called for a two-day event, and because the event began with a 93-player field, rounds took place 24 hours a day until the winner was crowned past midnight on Sunday.

After Saturday’s action cleared up and the majority of the players had been eliminated, the final four on the winners’ side appeared with Deuel facing Robb Saez, the 2006 Florida Tour Championship champion, and Mike Destafano up against Dave Broxson. Deuel pushed past Saez 8-5, and Broxson went down to wire before finally taking his match double-hill. Next, in the hot seat match, Deuel kept control once again, sending Broxson west and waiting to see who would emerge from the one-loss side.

With the event going around the clock, those on the winners’ side enjoyed some lengthy breaks between rounds, although those on the one-loss side played nearly continuously for the better part of 24 hours. On the one-loss side Adam Wheeler and Donnie Mills matched up after each had taken a loss in the previous round. Also, Tony “The Sniper” Crosby faced Mike Dechaine, an 18-year-old player who knocked Earl Strickland out of the event in the previous round. Both matches went double-hill, and after the dust settled Wheeler and Crosby were still standing. Inching their way to the finish line, Wheeler knocked out another competitor, Destefano, while the incoming Saez showed Crosby to the door, both matches going 8-6.

With the quarterfinals on hand, Wheeler faced Saez, and the match ended up at the most common score for the day on the one-loss side, 8-6 in favor of Saez. Saez finally met his match in the semifinals as Broxson ousted him by the expected 8-6 score and quickly returned for a rematch against Deuel. In the finals, the single race to 9 tipped quickly in favor of Deuel, who took the match after a two-hour battle, finishing with a 9-5 score and claiming the lion’s share of the prize fund after a grueling two days of play.

The Florida Tour will continue April 21-22 at Strokers in Palm Harbor, FL


1st Corey Deuel             $5000

2nd David Broxson        $2500

3rd Robb Saez               $1700

4th Adam Wheeler         $1300

5th Tony Crosby            $1000

Mike Destafano

7th Donnie Mills              $800

Mike Dechaine

9th Wayne Catledge        $600

Luis Veria

Steve Moore

Earl Strickland

13th Shawn Ohman         $400

Trevor Braymore

Curtis Kelly

Luc DeDierne

Anyone who attended this marathon tournament held in Melbourne, FL, certainly got their billiards fix for the month. I happened to be in Orlando showing our line of wholesale vapor accessories to several vape stores and learned about the billiard's event from one of the store's owners who was a big Corey Deuel fan. I was going to finish my visits to vape stores in the Orlando area by Friday afternoon and said I was game to drive down to Melbourne with him. We discussed the newest developments in the e-cigarette marketplace with me offering a prediction that in less than a dozen years vaping would become accepted in the mainstream, which has turned out to be true. I just saw an ad on TV the other night promoting e-liquids for those people trying to wean themselves off of cigarettes. The first event of the Seminole Florida Pro Tour was beyond anything I could have imagined. For two days, 24 hours a day, there were games going on. It was exciting and exhausting for us spectators, to say the least. I now understand why Corey Deuel is call “The Prince of Pool.” Now back to more archived news.


Dedicated Billiard Victory for Hjorliefson

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Canadian 30K Tour / Newmarket, ONT
by Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera

Willy Hermoza and Tony Butera Quick

Frequent winner Erik Hjorliefson went undefeated at the April 14-15 stop of the Canadian 30K Tour. Hosted by Bigwig Billiards in Newmarket, ONT, this event attracted 40 players vying for the first-place prize.

On Sunday, Hjorliefson steamrolled over Dennis Rhodes, defeating him 10-2 and sending him to the one-loss side grind. On the bottom half of the winners’-side bracket, 14-year-old Jeff Robson bested Rob Brandenburg 5-8 in an exciting double-hill match. The battle for the hot seat was a one-man show, as Hjorliefson took over and defeated Robson 10-1.

On the top of the one-loss side, Dennis Rhodes bested Brian McDougal in another double-hill match 7-7. Also, Jason Klatt made quick work of Brandenburg 9-3 to win the bottom bracket of the one-loss side. Never letting up, Klatt trounced Rhodes 10-2 and stampeded Robson 10-1.

The stage was set for the final scene. Hjorleifson started out slow but then kicked it into high gear, never really letting Klatt into the action. Erik won the match 9-4, dedicating this win to his grandmother, who recently passed away.

1st Erik Hjorliefson<
2nd Jason Klatt
3rd Jeff Robson<
4th Dennis Rhodes
5th Brian McDougall
Rob Brandenburg


Action Abounds on the Viking Cue 9 Ball Tour

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Added: Mon, 12 Mar 2007
Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour / Marietta, GA
by Rick Davis

The April 14-15 weekend brought a frenzy of action to The Pool Room in Marietta, GA, where the Viking Cue 9-Ball Tour drew in a total of 88 players between their open, amateur, and junior divisions.

In the open division, the 35-player field quickly wound down as Leil Gay and Sam Tush met in the hot seat match. After a strong 9-5 win Gay headed to the finals while Tush headed west. On the one-loss side Mike Newsome drilled Joe Murphy 7-2 to reach the quarterfinals while David Treft kept pace by eliminating John Salter 7-4. Treft was firmly in gear and proceeded to knock out Newsome 7-2 in the quarterfinals and then Tush 7-5 in the semifinals. Treft reached the finals after an impressive one-loss side comeback and, after getting out to a 3-0, lead he was looking good. Gay, though, had something to say about that and quickly tied the set at 3-all then powered his way to a 9-5 finish, defeating Treft and claiming the top spot.

On the other half of The Pool Room, the amateur event was taking shape as action wound down to the last handful of rounds. On the winners’ side Adam Powery skipped past Mike Kearns 6-4 in the hot seat match to reach the finals. On the one-loss side Bernardo Steven slipped past Casey Joyner double-hill while Todd Rousey eliminated Bob Buckley 5-2. With Rousey and Steven advancing to the quarterfinals, all eyes were on the see-saw battle as neither player gave up an inch. Finally, at double-hill, Rousey slipped past to advance and face Kearns next as he came from the winners’ side. Nearly as close as the previous round, the semifinals reached 5-3 before Kearns eliminated Rousey and got another crack at Powery. With his newfound momentum, Kearns drilled Powery 6-2 in the first set, but Powery quickly regrouped and turned the tables to defeat Kearns 5-2 in the second set to win the match and claim the event.

Along with these two events, the junior participants played out in a private VIP room that The Pool Room offered. In the 14- through 19-year-old division, Robert West defeated Matt Stafford double-hill in the hot seat match while Joseph Cole eliminated Mike Rudd 4-2 in the quarterfinals on the one-loss side. Cole advanced to face the incoming Stafford but didn’t get far, as Stafford knocked him out 4-2. In the finals, Stafford managed the claim the first set double-hill but was shut out in the second by Left 4-0.

The other junior division, 14 years and under, wrapped up quickly with some very strong play. Josh Newman blew through Benjamin Thompson 4-1 in the hot seat match while Dylan Vall did the same to Josh Miller in the quarterfinal round. Thompson slipped past Vall in the semifinals double-hill but after returning to face Newman for the second time had no better luck as Newman drilled him 4-1 again, this time to end the event and walk away with the title.

Across the junior events, the top player in each division, along with the top female, Breana Curry, received an entry into the nationals, while West and Newman also received a Viking cue for their hard work.

Throughout the weekend The Pool Room was packed with spectators, players, and friends as the 40-table room was filled throughout the weekend. In addition, everyone was treated to a trick shot exhibition by Okinawa Slim that was sponsored by The Pool Room.

Open Results: 
1st Leil Gay 
2nd David Treft 
3rd Sam Tush 
4th Mike Newsome 
5th John Salter 
Joe Murphy

Amateur Results: 
1st Adam Powery 
2nd Mike Kearns 
3rd Todd Rousey 
4th Bernardo Steven 
5th Casey Joyner 
Bob Buckley

Junior 14 and Under Results: 
1st Josh Newman 
2nd Benjamin Thompson 
3rd Dylan Vall 
4th Josh Miller

Junior 14 to 19 Results: 
1st Robert West 
2nd Matt Stafford 
3rd Joseph Cole 
4th Mike Rudd The Viking Tour would also like to notify players that their next event has been rescheduled. The April 21-22 trio of events that was scheduled to take place at Sportys in North Carolina will now take place at Play to Win Billiards in Raleigh, NC.


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2007 Challenge the Stars

Play the Pros, Step Up to the Challenge Scheduled for May 15 in Las Vegas

The Billiard Education Foundation (BEF) will host the annual Challenge the Stars benefit will be in conjunction with the BCA National 8- Ball Championships and the EnjoyPool.com 9-Ball Championships in Las Vegas, on Tuesday, May 15, 2007.

This benefit gives all players and spectators an opportunity to enjoy and compete with the top pros and BCA Hall of Famers while supporting youth programs.  The festivities will take place in the Grande Ballroom of the Riviera Hotel & Casino, at 8:30 pm, immediately following the BCA Hall of Fame Banquet at www.bca-pool.com.

With BCA Hall of Famers and 128 of the world’s top pros, including Allison Fisher, Karen Corr Jeanette Lee, Vivian Villarreal, Loree Jon Jones, Tony Robles, Mike Massey at hand, willing challengers can select 3 options of play: the BEF Challenge, $10 donation, challenger plays one game of 9-ball with designated pro, the Pro Challenge, $40 donation, shoot one game of 9-ball with one of your three top choices, based on availability, or the Ultimate Challenge,

$100 donation, play three games of 9-ball with one of your three top choices, based on availability.  All challengers will receive an autographed certificate and a souvenir photo taken with their pro.

Spectators and players can also participate in the raffles and auction to bid on their favorite prizes. Whether you challenge a pro, participate in the raffle or make a donation, you can make a difference in our youth programs, step up to the challenge.  Admission is free.

All proceeds benefit the BEF. For more information about the BEF, visit  www.BilliardEducation.org.

The Billiard Education Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charitable organization committed to furthering the standard of excellence and leadership within the billiard community by engaging in activities related to the education and cultural advancement of tomorrow’s leaders.


Published: Fri, 06 Apr 2007 00:13:00 -0400)

NYC Defends Against Team Korea in Predator Challenge Match

Team NY with Tony Robles, Jennifer Barretta, and Caroline Pao came together in the end to win in a very close match up against Korea's Yu Ram CHa, Charlie Williams, and Bo Ram Cha.  The event was held at Amsterdam Billiards in Manhattan, NY.

Yu Ram Cha, who hours earlier won the Womens Amateur Championship event in Valley Forge, took on Barretta in a race to 7 match. Fatigue from playing early in the day and adjustment to the big table again seem to throw Cha off while Barretta played her normal steady game. Barretta controlled the match to win 7-4.

"I feel like I'm swimming!" exclaimed Cha at the size of the regulation 9 ft table after coming off the 7 ft tables.

At the same time, Pao and Bo Ram Cha were battling it out on the opposite table. Pao had the lead early until Cha tie the match at 5-5. Then Cha took over and won 7-5 decision.

It was now 1-1 NYC and Korea.

Robles would take on Williams next in a race to 9. Williams broke out to an early lead and Robles had problems making balls on break. Williams played fast and solid and built a insurmountable lead of 7-2 before winning the final score of 9-4.

Korea 2-1 against NYC

Doubles were next with Cha and Williams against Robles and Barretta. Williams and Cha made some elementary errors while Robles and Barretta played in perfect sync to win 6-4.

The tie breaker would be a 3-on-3 match with all 3 players on both teams playing alternate shot. NYC just seemed to be unstoppable as Robles coached his ladies perfectly to win the match 5-2.

Final score, NYC 3 wins to Team Korea's 2 wins.

Simonis Cloth, Stu Mattana, Harold Siegel, Greg Hunt and Predator Cues were the main sponsors of the event. Thanks to William Fuentes for the great photographs.


Pool Cues, Billiard Cue, Pool Sticks

Ask any great player and they'll tell you that the most import piece of equipment that a pool player can own would is a pool cue. The modern two-piece pool cue has been around for over a century. The pool cue actually started as a "mace", which was an instrument that had a club-like end and the player would simply scoot, shove or hit the cueball with as they desired. The one-piece cue as we know it today when a leather tip was added at o­ne end so to decrease miscues. Pool cue chalk soon followed aftwerwards and the evolution of english and spin took over the imagination of the players. Players soon decided to travel with their own pool sticks, since they noticed that they played better with a familiar instrument, and the two-piece cuestick became an overnight necessity. About that time, cuemakers invented methods to secure the two pieces of the pool cue. This spawned the invention of several modern-day joints that pool cues use today. Several advancements have been made to enhance the pool cue and it's playing characteristics, but for the most part all cues have the same elements of construction; butt, shaft, joint, tip and ferrule.

Pool Cue Tips, Leather Pool Stick Tips

How important is a pool cue tip? It's the only part of the pool stick that touches the cue ball. Yuo can spend thousands of dollars on a pool cue, but without a leather tip, it's worthless. Choosing a good pool cue tip is critical. Good tips to choose from include Moori Tips, Le Pro (le Professional tips), Elk Master tips, Water Buffalo tips, Triangle, Chandivert, French Champion, and many layered pig skin tips.

Pool Tables, Billiard Table

It’s a dream that a lot of people have had. Of course, it’s a daydream, but nonetheless, it’s a good daydream. Whether you live in a college dorm, have a loft of your own, or finally have saved enough to buy a home, you have always wanted that killer game room, that zenith of social status and good times rolled into one, with one magnificent centerpiece ruling over it—a pool table. Pool table buying can be treacherous. If you should take your billiard tAble dream to the next level and go searching, beware. For even the savviest billiard buyer, the search for most dream tables turns into a nightmare. The first problem is that most dreamers believe that there’s a pool table with their name on it waiting in the cellar of some little old lady who would be thrilled if they would give her $50 for her 70-year-old pristine Gold Crown and get it out of her way. They just need to knock on a few doors, ask a few friends, and, if all else fails, look in the classifieds of their local newspaper. Try us here first.

Pool Table Cloth, Billiard Table Felt

Pool table cloth, or pool table felt, has been around for centuries. The basics of having a cloth surface o­n a pool table started because the table looked more appealing, the balls rolled true, the wear and tear o­n the table itself was reduced and the sounds were muffled. Many refer to pool table cloth as pool table felt because most of the early pool table cloth was very “nappy” or fuzzy. This is the difference in the two styles of pool table cloth that exist. The two styles are directional (close up pictured to right) and non-directional. Directional cloth is very fuzzy where non-directional pool table cloth is not. Directional pool table felt gets its name because of the way it plays and the way it’s cleaned. With directional pool table felt, the fuzz or “nap” is designed to lay in o­ne direction. It will actually cause balls to roll slightly off and even make the table appear not to be level because the nap can raise the playing surface up a few thousandths of an inch, which will redirect a slow rolling ball ever so slightly.

Pool Cue Cases, Pool Stick Case

Protect your investment pool cue . The easiest and least expensive way to protect your pool cue investment is to purchase a good cue case. We have tons of pool cue cases listed below. When looking for a good pool cue case, look for sturdy construction, light weight, and good construction materials. Obviously, cloth and sponge won't provide maximum protection against damage or dings. Leather and PVC tubes offer good protection and good looks, but the weight can become overbearing after only a short distance. The choice for a good pool cue case is yours of course, but keep in mind that it has to protect and offer some mobility.

Pool Balls, Billiard Balls

When it comes right down to it, pool balls are what you play the game of pool with. Without a good set of balls, the game can change shot to shot because the balls doen't act consistently. Good pool and billiard balls have a little weight to them. Most balls are perfectly spherical within a few thousandths of an inch. The weight of a billiard ball keeps it on line. Good names to for are Aramith and Vigma.

Pool Ball Racks, Pool Cue Racks, Wall Cue Racks, Floor Cue Racks

There's two different types of racks on pool and billiards. There's pool ball racks and pool cue racks. Good billiard ball racks are the Sardo Tight Rack and the RST2 Chameleon Rack. As far as pool cue racks, there's no real front runner in the name brand department. When shopping for a good rack, wall or floor, look for solid wood construction and weight of the product. Most pool cue racks will hold between 8 and 12 pool cues. Determine which is the best option for your gameroom before buying.